Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Act Two, Scene Three: Connecticut!

Then, finally, a ray of hope. We saw the sign- it actually said, "New Haven," and boy were no truer words ever spoken. We first had to find a gas station in the Bronx that turned out to be incredibly expensive and in getting out of the station Elise literally missed a concrete pole by three inches in Marge, but when nature and a need for gas calls one must answer. Anyway, when we saw this sign, we knew we were an hour away. And that's when we REALLY started to get antsy.

Finally, we arrived. We got off the interstate and saw this:

And now for the truly remarkable part of the story: as we pulled up outside our house, our new landlady Nancy came out. We got Yvonne off of the car tow, and Nancy helped us get the car tow on the sidewalk. She called her daughter downstairs, and called her son home. They then proceeded for an hour to help Elise, Elise's Dad, and me to unload ALL of our stuff into the house. She then had us upstairs for homemade pesto and pasta, a vegetable medley grown from her own garden, wine, water and bread. It was glorious, and so hospitable. I knew I'd found a home with good people. Did I mention she's an Episcopalian? So yet another THANK YOU goes to Nancy and her kids CJ and Allie, our new landfamily.

This was one of our final moments to Marge the Barge a couple days later, where we bid her farewell, thank you, and good riddance.

On a final note, thank you to Elise's dad for his moral support. Thank you to MY mom and dad for THEIR moral support and expertise. And thank GAWD we made it here in one piece...

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  1. YAY FOR YOUR NEW BLOG! I absolutely love it! I will probably eventually comment on EVERY SINGLE post...so much that you get annoyed. Lucky me that blogspot isn't blocked at work yet! I don't have to read about your fabulous life on my cell phone. YESSSSS! Keep up the dirty details...I can't wait to read more and see your HOUSE!
    Your Carolina t-shirt, kacki skirt, and Rainbows friend