Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bienvenidos A Mi Hogar!

Hello all!
And welcome to my home! Let me take you on a little tour...

This is the front door to our house. Once you enter the small foyer, the door on the right lead's upstairs to our landfamily's home, and the door to the left leads to our mother-in-law apartment.

This is the door to our apartment... Nancy, our cute landlady, put corn on both the "front" doors to our respective homes.

This is the first thing you see when you walk into our home. To the left is the living room, in front of you lead's to Elise's room. Notice the lovely painting Mama did of a daisy (my favorite flower), the naked lightbulb awaiting a shade, and the ever important wall-oh-basketball. Obviously, I framed the Daily Tar Heel newspaper from the morning after we won the NCAA title in 2009... one of the best moments of my life... Elise hung her Georgetown and Memphis posters, too.

This is our living room. The opening on the very left is the hallway, which we just left. The coffee table and chairs pictured Mama brilliantly found on Craig's List. I sanded and stained that coffee table myself because previously it was this ugly, factory-finish. The table and chairs came from Nate's mom. Those curtains cost $20 at Ikea.

This is our dining room, as viewed from the opening between the living room. That dining room table came from the milkbarn and originally belonged to my great-grandparents, Gracie and Stuart. The mirror and my desk on the right came from a consignment shop in Nashville.

This is the butler's pantry which is visible in the back of the previous photo. This is where Elise and I store all of our food. That hanging plant is named Pomona. I water her.
This is a shot of the kitchen. That island came in a ZILLION pieces, but was one-third it's original price from J.C. And, obviously, that angel in the photo is Luna, my other roommate. We replaced the hardware on the kitchen cabinets, but have plans to (hopefully) paint them white and strip the wallpaper in the future.... we're letting Nancy figure out that she loves us, first.

A closer shot of our stove and Elise's beautiful stainless steel cookware. Those walls came installed already!!

Shot of the bathroom, facing the kitchen which is across the little hallway connecting Elise's and my room. Elise got the shower curtain, the bathmats, and the ceramic stuff in the next photo from the Pottery Barn outlet in Memphis. Obviously, this is Luna again- she started following me around while I was composing this digital tour.

Shot of the sink. The toilet is in the corner where I took these two photos.

My room, from my doorway. There's the chiffarobe in the corner that belonged to another great-grandfather. We installed those blinds- they came from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

A shot of my bed. As you will quickly realize, Elise and I have the same bedspread. Accidentally/on purpose. I don't know why this shot makes my bed look crooked- it isn't. Also notice how there's only one lamp installed in the wall... the other one I found in my closet. Clearly it had fallen out of the wall. At first, there was no lightbulb in there, and since there are no overhead light's in our house, I was living in darkness in here until I could get a bulb of the appropriate wattage.
Not pictured: my really awesome closet that spans the wall to the right.

Elise's room fro her doorway. See the bedspread?

Elise's really neat build-in shelves.
The doorway from Elise's other doorway in her room, and the wall-o- Luna. Ellen took most of those photos, too. Correction: you can view her stuff at

The end! Much love!


  1. This place is too perfect NOT to stay 3 years! Just fantastic gracie! Y'all did a beautiful job!

  2. It's adorable Gracie! Your bed is perf for naps!! Miss you