Monday, August 30, 2010

Act One, Scene One: Meet Marge the Barge

Arising early at Nate's parent's house in Memphis, Elise, Nate and I set out for Hot Springs, the childhood home of my mother, lifetime home of my late grandfather, and current home to my grandmother. My grandmother literally lives on a farm in the middle of her large-ish small town, and knows everyone. Since I had to retrieve my great-grandparents' dining room table and my great-grandfather's chifarobe, we decided to rent our fifteen foot Budget truck in Hot Springs. It also pays to have a woman who has lived in the town for 60+ years and knows EVERYONE... considering it got us a 20% discount. Lesson learned: never underestimate the power of hospitality, kindness, and the charm of a demur, Southern 83-year-old woman.

This is Marge the Barge. She is a fifteen foot Budget truck with car tow off the back. She has a 32-gallon tank and gets eight miles to the gallon (we were really going green on this one). The little person with her arms spread wide is Elise, my new roomie. The 6'1" dude standing next to her is Nate, Elise's boyfriend. Nate helped a LOT during this move, and is the first person I must thank. Thank you, thank you, THANK you Nathan... I think it's also important to mention that Nathan became enamored of my grandmother and kept talking about how he was going to come visit her by himself... I halfway believed him. As Elise noted, "She's a very special lady."

This is the stress on Elise's face driving the Budget truck from Short Bennett's (the rental place- of COURSE my grandmother knew Shorty and his two children personally). It is important to mention at this time that one cannot go backwards in a Budget truck with car tow off the back, one can only go forwards. Let the shenanigans begin...

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