Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Act Two, Scene One: Virginia

So, at the end of Act One, I had us stopping in Virginia (in Harrisonburg, to be precise). Let me back up a bit and give Virginia a brief shout-out, just because I have a couple pictures.

This is the aformentioned Luna, the trusty backseat companion in my car. This is what I often saw in my rearview mirror. This picture was taken somewhere in Virginia on Driving Day One. Luna did exceptionally well in the car- and since Marge is such a gas-guzzler we had ample opportunity to take her out of the car, give her some water, and let her stretch her legs. For those of you who don't know, Luna is a mostly-yellow lab, aged a year-and-a-half.

This is just a picture I tried to grab of the "Welcome to Virginia" sign as Elise and I left our home state of Tennessee and ventured into VA. Note: Surprisingly, Virginians were TERRIBLE drivers. Especially if they were in minivans...

This is a more clear sign of us being in Virginia.
Digression: I drove from dinner to Harrisonburg, for a duration of about four hours, in Marge the Barge. It's the only time I drove the thing. Thoughts: going downhill you can coast quite well. Going uphill you needed to give her some SERIOUS gas. You can't see the car off the car tow in the back, so you just have to send up a prayer that the car is still there. People assume you can stop on a dime so they try to merge directly in front of you coming on an on-ramp. I wanted to run them over.

Also, at one point, I was driving uphill, in the rain, at night, next to construction, in a fifteen foot truck, with terrible drivers all around me, at midnight. I thought to myself, "I have found it- I am in Hell."

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